Diversity in Clothing Feature Podcast

What makes the world beautiful and colourful are the different races, ethnicities, cultures and traditions. When it comes to clothing, each culture has its own unique set of cultural traditional attires. Looking at traditional fashion from around the world is an exceptional way to celebrate distinct characteristics of different cultures. Even though some may come close as similarities, for instance, African traditional attire – each is dissimilar and has its own way of differentiating itself from others. With that comes amazing fashion designers and seamstresses that create outstanding designs, that allow us to express our culture and create diversity. Seamstresses and ethinic fashion designers are whom we should be thankful for, since finding traditional wear – could be quite impossible in westernized stores. 

Seamstress Beni Boo (Courtesy: Instagram; @beniboostyles)
Award winning Reggae artist, Steele Mobs (Courtesy: Instagram; @beniboostyles)
Beni posing with former co-host of CTV’s The Social, Traci Melchor (Courtesy: Instagram; @beniboostyles)
Beni Boo Styles model (Courtesy: Instagram; @beniboostyles)

Generally, Africans are talented in the most imaginative ways. We love sharing this gift amongst one another, as well as people outside of our community. I took the time to make a feature about an African seamstress who enables diversity in the fashion industry and most importantly; loves her job! While looking at the story of the talented Ghanian seamstress, Beni Bouka, we get a little taste of African culture and fashion. Beni is the CEO of her own entrepreneur business titled Beni Boo Styles, which is located at Eglinton West in the city of Toronto, Ontario. She does not fail to meet her customers’ expectation when it comes to African clothing and its complex designs. She creates clothing for all women, men and children of different sizes, ages and races. Her story is told to educate individuals on African traditional clothing, inspire those who aspire to become entrepreneurs of their own businesses as well as, learning more about herself and her flourishing business. Please listen and enjoy this mini-podcast I co-hosted with my classmates at Radio RSJ. It was truly an honour and my entire pleasure working with Ms. Beni! 

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